Wedding Planner and Wedding Celebrant 

         W H A T  W E  D O   

Wedding planning services

Wonderful Events is your personal assistant and agent on your wedding planning journey.

As your wedding planner we will consult with you, plan for you, organise and manage while you are very much in the driving seat. The final decision is always yours!

We plan weddings and private events partially or fully in Warwickshire, across the Cotswolds and in the Czech Republic.

We specialise in creating and managing small to medium sized weddings (up to 200 guests).
We provide a bespoke service to suit the individuality of every wedding or event. With a circle of trusted wedding suppliers we can keep the costs down without compromising on the high standards.

We are also very proud to offer exclusive wonderful wedding packages to our brides and grooms!

We will deliver Your perfect wedding day as we are enthusiastic, committed  and very experienced wedding planner. 



Wedding celebrant services

I create a meaningful, personal wedding ceremony for each & every couple and deliver it on the wedding day.
I help with the special touches like readings, music, vows or promises and make the couple’s feelings come alive in beautiful text.

Every couple, their family and friends can enjoy a truly private and intimate ceremony experience. 

Adventurous wedding ceremonies, outdoor wedding ceremonies, home or away, all are very welcome.

W H Y  U S ?

I am enthusiastic, experienced and committed to delivering a perfect day for you! 

+ I Love weddings and being part of them, sharing laughs and tears with you  M a r t i n a

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