5 wedding finishing touches

you must have

 Your wedding might be just around the corner and these 5 items will make all the difference on the big day.

To you and your guests.

1. Tissues at the wedding ceremony are not just for the guests, make sure your goom has one or two in his pocket as well for your happy tears

2. We all look fantastic in high heels, however, all-night dancing might need some assistance and the flipflops are a welcome gift not just for girls

3. Mini toiletries for ladies and gents in the loos can make all the difference to everyone, just don’t leave any medication there, it is not allowed

4. Cosy blankets so everyone can sit outside long into the night

5. Wedding emergency kit is always advisable because you never know what might happen on the day

See, sweet and simple … tadaaa

Hope it’s been helpful.
Martina x


Wedding final touch

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