How to Start Planning Your Dream Wedding


How to plan the wedding that you really want is a question every bride asks herself 5 minutes after the ring has landed on her finger.

Some of the girls already know every single detail of their big day and some are not sure where to start at all. And that is ok too.

The end result of having a dream wedding means something different to everyone. You might look at the expensive decor in lavish hotels and think, this is a dream, but I can’t afford it. And you feel down. No need because the real question here is: is it really you? Over the top white and gold posh ballroom? Would you feel comfortable in that? Is that really what you both want?

For me, the perfect wedding day goes beyond the décor, beyond the looks, beyond the obvious choices and beyond unnecessarily spending shit loads of money.

Planning Your dream wedding really starts with you two as a couple. You can find the style that suits you every day around you.  It is the clothes you wear on a date night, it is restaurants you enjoy eating in, it is the cocktail choice, it is the style of holidays you go on.

If you put a pen to paper and add adjectives to each one above your wedding theme will emerge.

Mine would go something like this:

Date night dress: rich colour slick, Restaurant: classy, Cocktail: margarita, Holidays: city breaks in Autumn

My wedding theme would then be simply classic in a rich colour, food full of flavour, and of course: tequila ?

You can both play around with it, try it, it’s fun!

The basic of your dream wedding is really you and once you figure out what you want from your wedding, then start thinking about your families and friends. Because they will have their opinions on what you should and shouldn’t do but remember this, it is about you two becoming one family in a ceremony and celebration where you can be honest and comfortable.

And when those unsupportive opinions come, because they most likely will, you can look back at what you have set to do at the beginning and just say no thank you. This is our wedding.

Now you have the theme and you know what you are looking for, is it time for the wedding planning checklist? I think it is, and when you list each supplier add those adjectives you have written down at the beginning because those will work when giving your brief to your photographer, florist, designer, venue dresser, catering team, bar team, cake maker, or just your wedding planner.

At this point, you will have your overall theme and feel to your big day.

We can now visit the budget. Whatever your budget you can have the wedding you really want. There is always a way. Trust me. Your luxury wedding can be created in a smartly dressed old Victorian town hall, your classy slick can be in a modern hotel room or in that restaurant around the corner. Perhaps you don’t need to invite all 150 cousins and perhaps your wedding is not in the UK at all!? Weddings across the world come at various budgets, why limit yourselves? And if you worry about all your guests coming? Yes, less family and friends will attend, but those who will, will have the time of their lives and you will have memories from a weekend spent together rather than just 12 hours. It is a different kind of adventure altogether and you might just find that you can get exactly what you want within a smaller budget.

Now you have the budget you can start looking for your wedding venue. Because you know your overall feel to the wedding and you know what your budget is, it should be a piece of cake.

The wedding venue is not on top of your list as you can see. On top of your list always are and should remain the two of you. And I am saying this because you might get distracted from this fact during the wedding planning as it becomes hectic gradually. So please remember it, keep having date nights, keep having wedding talk free days, keep being together, keep being just a couple.

The look and feel of the wedding are all in the detail. Starting from ironed white table linen or choose a different colour linen. This detail alone will make the room feel like a part of your theme already. Then build on it with your table décor and add flowers, keep things simple, no need to overload. A good-looking table set up for me is all in its cleanliness and flowers. Once you add the place cards the table is finished. There is a beauty in simplicity.

And this is it, the solid base towards your Dream wedding is the two of you. I am confident you will have a fantastic day! If you want to ask anything at all – just chat to me! 

                                                                                                                                                                                           Yours Martina