What you really need to plan your wedding


by Wonderful Events

Wedding planning and wedding celebrant

1. Supportive and engaged fiancée

It sounds obvious, but it isn’t always a case. Planning a wedding is a work of synchronizing lots of details into one perfect day where nonstop discussions and decision making can become tedious. There is really no surprise it can start annoying one of you at some point. Sometimes when I ask brides & grooms how is the wedding planning going they answer: ‘just want it to be over with’. Which is a bit sad.
Schedule in breaks on weekly basis, enjoy days off when you don’t talk about your wedding at all.

2. Stay on top of it

Preparation is key to any successful event. Even if you just have a handwritten scrapbook with all your ideas and one detailed spreadsheet with the suppliers and money being spent. It is very easy to get lost in all that has been arranged, different terms and conditions, and payment plans. Don’t lose the sight of the wedding day you dream of over a paperwork involved.

3. Budget

Everybody has a budget in mind as soon as the word ‘wedding’ comes out. It is important for both of you to be comfortable with the budget you set and agree on. This will avoid future disagreements. Doesn’t matter how much you spend on the dress or the venue – as long as you are sticking to the overall budget ?
Start with the guest list to set a realistic budget. Are you inviting 60 or 160 people? Once you know how many wedding guests you need to cater for, you can then look at the size and type of the venue. Sometimes the wedding budget is set first, and a number of guests depending on that.
You can have a wonderful wedding on whatever budget you are working with. In our experience, once you set the final number, up it by 10%. Because there is always a hidden cost you haven’t anticipated somewhere and one of you might like to overspend on something really special.

There is nothing stopping you from your wedding planning journey now with these three key points in place. Should you run into anything you are not sure of, should you want more time off from the planning CONTACT US and we will be glad to help.