Wedding Concierge

I always work towards improving my customer’s experience and I am pleased to offer more bespoke services to my Brides & Grooms and assistance at the Wedding Concierge.

NEW Services available for you now:

Honeymoon for you
Your Dream Honeymoon
  • HONEYMOON  find and book your dream honeymoon 
  • MEALS brunch, lunch, dinner for your guests before or after the wedding day
  • EVENTS birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations
  • WEDDING SUPPLIERS SOURCING and anything you can’t or don’t have time to find
  • PROPOSAL can be a daunting event to plan to perfection, let me help
  • TAILOR SERVICES get measured and have your special suit made in the comfort of your own home
  • PAMPER DAYS for Brides & their Bride’s tribes or Groom’s & their Groomsmen