Wedding Planning in Isolation

Times are quite difficult at the moment and we are getting used to the idea that staying at home is our new normal. You might be one of the unfortunate couples who needed to postpone their wedding day, or you are still in the middle of planning for 2020 or 2021, or you have decided your love is not stopping for anything and got engaged under the lockdown.

Whatever stage of your wedding planning, you are now organising your big day from isolation.

And we are here to help you get productive and share some ideas on how to get on with it!

Wedding Planning tasks you can tick off while in isolation


  1. Shortlist potential wedding venues

You can still view the venues you like on their websites, on their social media Virtual, or have a look around the venue on the Google maps.

Talk to the venue managers, book your viewing in, choose your menus and drinks package. You can also have a look at the wine list, review the bar list, and ask about the corkage fees. You can then book in your menu and wine tasting session too.

  1. Talk to your wedding suppliers

You should always have a good chat with the suppliers before you book them. You need to make sure you get on with them, trust them, and they understand what it is you are looking for. Create a vision board with your wedding theme, chosen colours, and overall feel. It will make it easier for everyone to understand your vibe ?

  1. Create your Signature Cocktail

You can choose your favourite cocktail and add new flavours to it or create a brand-new cocktail you would like to share with your guests. Get the ingredients in on your by-weekly shop and have a play around with it.

What drink really reflects your personalities?

  1. Write your speeches, vows/promises, Love letters

This is the perfect time to sit down and have a think about your speech and vows. What is it you want to say to all your guests? What is it that you want to vow and promise to your fiancée? You can agree on the length of the vows/promises and get writing. Remember, this is the most important part of your wedding day – the ceremony where you become one family, and your promises to each other!

Love letters are a lovely addition to your promises. These will be opened on your chosen wedding anniversary and can be enjoyed with a great wine from that year too ?

  1. Work on your seating plan

Seating plan and the room layout is one of the most time-consuming tasks. So, get a start on it, even if you haven’t received all RSVPs yet. You can make good use of  PowerPoint or Both great tools on your way to a very organised guest list.

  1. Fine-tune your wedding styling, DIY items you didn’t have time to make yet

This is a perfect opportunity to create a detailed mood board to really capture the wedding design of your dreams. Pinterest is your best inspiration app and Canva your finer detail app. Create a board for your wedding vibe, wedding colours, and a separate board for your finer details. These will be super helpful to your wedding suppliers, especially florist, wedding stylist, and the wedding venue on the day.

  1. Plan your Honeymoon

Plan and book your honeymoon as a part of your wedding planning process. It is not a separate item; it very much belongs on the wedding planning checklist. Otherwise, it gets forgotten or the budget runs out. It is great to have something to look forward to once the wedding planning is all over. You can pay a low deposit, set up a monthly payment plan, and just know that it is all organised.

These tasks should keep you busy for at least 3 weeks. Remember to have fun with it, be creative, and let us know if you have any questions at all.